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Planets in Shangra Sigma

Hex World or Station Atmosphere Temperature Biosphere Population TL Tags
0 Agurne Breathable Temp. Immiscible 1B+ 4 Restrictive, Xenophobes
0 Sibyl Thick Var. Warm Miscible 100K+ 4 Ruins, Seismic
5 Amala Breathable Temp. Immiscible Outpost 3 Frk. Geology, Hatred
5 Khushkhu Thick Var. Cold Miscible 10K+ 4 Maj. Spaceyard, Misandry/Misogyny
8 Couloumbis Inert Temp. Miscible 10K+ 4 Feral, Min. Contact
9 Hijaz Breathable Burning Miscible 100K+ 2 Tyranny, Warlords
101 Ghaliyah Thick Burning Miscible 1M+ 3 Quarantined, Cold War
102 Antziasko Breathable Warm Immiscible 1M+ 4 Eugenic Cult, Reg. Hegemon
103 Gyda Inert Cold Miscible 1M+ 4 Lcl. Tech, Feral
105 Capodistria Breathable Temp. Immiscible 1M+ 4 Precept. Arch., Psi. Worship
200 Vasdeki Breathable Temp. Miscible 1M+ 4 Eugenic Cult, Host. Biosphere
202 Cordova Breathable Frozen Miscible Alien 4 Radioactive, Tomb World
204 Korres Corrosive Temp. Miscible 100K+ 2 Hvy. Mining, Exch. Cons.
204 Mentzia Breathable Cold Hybrid 100K+ 4 Forbidden Tech, Unbraked AI
208 Mayyadah Airless Cold Miscible 100K+ 4 Abandoned, Quarantined
300 Bermejo Breathable Temp. Miscible 100K+ 1 Hvy. Mining, Ruins
300 Matacena Breathable Var. Warm None 100K+ 1 Seismic, Prim. Aliens
303 Amin Inert Frozen None 1B+ 3 Bubble Cities, Civil War
303 Muniz Breathable Warm None 100K+ 3 Colonized, Pretech Cult.
303 Thorbjorg Breathable Var. Cold Miscible 1M+ 4 Lcl. Spec., Sectarians
306 Domeka Breathable Var. Warm Miscible 100K+ 4.5 Zombies, Flying Cities
401 Jimenez Airless Cold Immiscible Alien 3 Prim. Aliens, Desert World
401 Muqimi Airless Cold Remnants 100K+ 2 Pilgrimage, Badlands
402 Al-khlaiwi Breathable Temp. Miscible 1M+ 4.5 Out of Contact, Xenophiles
403 Alcinoos Breathable Warm Miscible 10K+ 5 Police State, Theocracy
403 Nasira Thick Warm Microbial 100K+ 4 Lcl. Tech, Frk. Weather
406 Yasmin Breathable Cold Miscible 10K+ 4 Badlands, Radioactive
504 Carrasco Breathable Temp. Miscible 1B+ 2 Gold Rush, Area 51
600 Asta Breathable Temp. Miscible 1M+ 4 Friendly Foe, Oceanic
601 Heracles Airless Temp. Immiscible 10K+ 4.5 Host. Space, Psi. Fear
608 Aethylla Breathable Temp. Immiscible 100K+ 4 Altered Hum., Hvy. Industry
700 Panagiotopou Breathable Temp. Miscible 10K+ 4 Sealed Menace, Secret Masters
701 Sicilianos Breathable Warm Microbial 100K+ 4 Trade Hub, Seagoing
706 Mecisteus Breathable Frozen None 100K+ 2 Psi. School, Outpost
706 Menem Inert Warm Miscible 1M+ 3 Cold War, Reg. Hegemon
708 Penthesilia Breathable Warm Immiscible 10K+ 4 Perim. Agcy., Rigid

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