Black Comet

The Crew's home and paycheck, a Free Merchant vessel


Black Comet

Free Merchant.

Power: 10/0 Free Mass: 15/0 free
Cost: 775,000 Hit Points: 20 Crew: 5/6 Speed: 3 Armour: 2 AC: 6
Weaponry Multifocal Laser ( +1 to hit/1d4, AP 20) Sandthrower ( +1 to hit/2d4, Flak)
Defenses None
Fittings Spike Drive-1 Atmospheric Configuration Fuel scoops Fuel bunker 100 tons of cargo space

Free merchants are built for versatility and cargo capacity on a basic frigate hull. While they lack the armor of their military brethren, they have significant free space for owner modifications or larger cargo holds. This particular configuration represents a merchantman with teeth, equipped to ply the more dangerous trade routes. The weaponry gives it a chance to fight its way through an ambush, while the fuel bunkers allow for a fast turnaround drill out of a system if it turns out that the locals aren’t feeling welcoming.

Cost; 775,000. Price; ???. Owing; ???.


Black Comet History.

The Black Comet is Merchant vessel with many of the trimmings independent crews outfit their ships with. A lot of it’s systems are tailored to more legitimate jobs, with some functional weaponry to keep back those with less honest means of making their ends meet. It’s past may be dubious, or it might be fresh of the factory lines, depending on how the players roll.

Black Comet

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